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Colored Gemstones Beginning to Make a Comeback

Mining Weekly reported that although diamonds have outshone colored gemstones since about the 1940s, when De Beers began aggressively marketing diamonds, such gemstones are now making a comeback.

Diamond Demand to Rise in 2015

Mining Weekly reported that the demand for diamonds will increase this year as demand surpasses supply and no new discoveries emerge on the horizon.

Tips for Identifying Fake Diamonds

Business Insider published an article that looks at five ways to tell if a diamond is real or fake. It recommends rubbing questionable gems with sandpaper or doing a fog test — essentially breathing hot air on such gems.

Infographic: The World of Colored Diamonds

Visual Capitalist published an infographic that looks at fancy colored diamonds, explaining what makes them colored, how they're valued and why exactly people are interested in investing in them.