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Israeli Diamond Market Transparency Increasing

The Times of Israel reported that as a result of regulations that went into effect this week, Israeli diamond dealers are now "not allowed to accept more than NIS 75,000 ($21,000) in cash for a precious stone from retail customers."

Workers Losing Jobs as Marange Diamond Deposits Run Dry

AllAfrica reported that this week, Marange-based diamond mining companies will lay off more workers, ultimately causing the loss of over 400 jobs. They are reportedly doing so because their deposits have run dry.

Billionaire’s Diamond Deal May Spur Interest in Angola

Bloomberg reported that Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev has made a deal with Angola that will allow him to charge more for the diamonds mined at his Luminas mine. Essentially, he will be able to sell the gems on world markets rather than selling them to specific traders from China and Dubai.