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Stornoway Diamond to Participate in Pikoo East with North Arrow and Canadian International Minerals

Stornoway Diamond (TSX:SWY) announced that it has excercised its option to participate in the Pikoo East agreement between Canadian International Minerals and North Arrow. Stornoway and North Arrow will conduct the work through a pre-existing joint venture on the Pikoo project and both may earn a 70 percent interest by funding exploration and evaluation of the properties.

Brazil Minerals Diamonds Reach Average Value of $3,250 Per Carat

Brazil Minerals (OTCQB:BMIX) that diamonds produced at its operations in 2014 that have been cut, polished and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have reached an average value of $3,250 per carat on the Rapaport scale. The valuation represents a significant premium to the price for rough diamonds from the mine.

North Arrow Minerals Completes Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Sampling at Pikoo A and B

North Arrow Minerals (TSXV:NAR) announced it had completed 11 till samples from the Pikoo Extension A and B properties. The results have been submitted for testing and results are expected in late 2014. North Arrow can earn a 70 percent interest in the properties by discovering kimberlite through drilling and by testing any discovered kimberlite for diamonds by caustic fusion analysis.