9.78 Carat Diamond Recovered by Stornoway From Bulk Sample

During the ongoing processing of the Renard 65 bulk sample, Stornoway Diamond Corp. (TSX:SWY) recovered a 9.78 carat diamond, one of the most valuable stones ever discovered at the Renard Diamond Project.

As quoted in the press release:

The 9.78 carat stone is an unbroken white octahedral gem. The next largest diamond in the sample is 6.41 carats in size and is also a white octahedral gem of high quality, with a preliminary valuation of $4,700 per carat. Approximately one third of the Renard 65 bulk sample’s heavy mineral concentrate has now been processed and a total of eleven diamonds larger than 1.8 carats in size have been extracted. Sample processing is continuing.

Stornoway President and CEO Matt Manson said:

Our expectation for the Renard 65 bulk sample was that, as with the other Renard kimberlites, we would have recovered a number of high quality large stones given the size of the sample and its likely diamond size distribution. To have obtained two such large diamonds so early on, both of exceptional quality, is highly encouraging.

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